Club Asteria - You will enjoy the amazing benefits of working with Andrea Lucas, former Director of the World Bank !!!

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Asterios are loyalty points that you earn by actively participating in Club Asteria. Every time you introduce someone to Club Asteria, sign up for one of our programs or business opportunities, or when you purchase something from our Shopping Mall, you receive Asterios.

Asterios are of great value to you, as the number of Asterios you have in your account balance determines the amount of money/cash you will receive from Club Asteria’s Revenue Sharing process.


Andrea Lucas, PMD, MBA, CPA, CMC, former Director of the World Bank, published author and mentor, is founder and Managing Director of Club Asteria. Andrea has over 30 years experience in finance, management, consulting and international project development in developing nations. More Info on Andrea HERE

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Hi I am Mani. I am a Network Director 1 in Club Asteria. This oppourtunity has given me time to be with my Family and Friends. All should Join this oppourtunity. You Can Contact me via email id Skype-transluscentway

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Your Guide To Success Building A Global Home based Club-Asteria Business 

Club Asteria

  • A global company that shares its earnings with all members
  • Founded by Andrea Lucas, former director of World Bank
  • Members can earn passively (no sponsoring required) AND actively (from referral income and group overriding bonuses)

This Guide to Success seeks to provide you the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.

No HYIP, just facts.

Club-Asteria shares earnings to all members.

Whether You CHOOSE To Sponsor or CHOOSE NOT To Sponsor (you have a choice), YOU are still eligible toearn from Club-Asteria weekly commission run.

We have been earning WEEKLY, like clockwork. We CAN Help YOU!

Club Asteria - We are looking for dedicated individuals from all walks of life who are willing to accept this cause and help others. You will enjoy the amazing benefits of working with Andrea Lucas, former Director of the World Bank and you will earn an income as described in the Excel Spreadsheet that you can download by CLICKING HERE. Please study this information carefully; it may help you design a strategy that could change the lifes of your family as well as many others.

What is the potential of Club Asteria AND How DO We Make Money?

Yes, members CAN earn weekly without having to sponsor or refer any members, as long as members have asterios and comply with its basic requirement

Club-Asteria's Affiliate Program is THE most valuable asset each Club Member has. We believe that each Member's earnings power should be in direct proportion to the efforts he/she makes to promote Club Asteria and participates in revenue generation for the Club.

As such, the potential is huge for those who choose to build Club-Asteria, they will be very well rewarded!

These are the ways members can make money in Club-Asteria:

By way of sharing in earnings - Every week on Thursday, profits made by Club- Asteria are distributed to the members (in accordance with its policy) and more asterios one has, the more the profit sharing one gets

By way of overriding bonuses / commission to Network Directors. Network Directors can earn up to 30% bonuses of their global organisation and this bonuses are computed monthly.

Memberships - Club Asteria offers three levels of Memberships, Free, Silver ($9.95 per month) and Gold ($19.95 per month) with the benefits detail click here

Silver and Gold can earn on activities from their DIRECT referrals only. To earn from global organisation/group activities, one must upgrade to a Network Director level. Network Directors can earn from their global organisation with overriding bonus/commission.

Network Director: On the main site there is a tab for Network Directors. This is the highest paying position in the company - If you are interested in working this business and desire the maximum potential, you want to study that section.

ND Commissons are paid monthly into your Cash Balance.This is not for beginners and we suggest that you wait till you are fully familiar with this business. Below you can download a spreadsheet that will help you determine your commissions.Please select the file format that best suits your computers requirements.

How to collect Asterios?

You can directly purchase Asterios from back office, thus increasing your sharing of earnings every week.

When you join and maintain upgrade as Silver/Gold member, you get 10/20 asterios every month.

Every week on Thursday, Club-Asteria does its commission run. Earnings are shared out and out of this total weekly earnings, 80% is allocated as asterios and added to your asterios balance and the balance of 20% are sent to your cash balance where you have a choice to withdraw (cash out) or repurchase.

By participating in programs in the back office, you earn asterios from your participation.

How to Pay member free and receive commissions

Alertpay or CashX, Click on picture to registers. (Click How to Sign Up AlertPay for more detail)

How to get Paid?

Since this is real business opportunity, you need to follow the rules to get paid. (Click How to Sign Up Club Asteria for more detail)

After you have joined, Log in and click Edit Profile and fill all the details. Remember to also upload your photo.

Read the entire rules once you log in. Log in regularly and read the News, if News is flashing (in red) meaning you have not read the news section and you will not be paid.

You can join as Free member. However, in order to get paid, you need to upgrade either as Silver or Gold member.

Step by Step To Join/Signup/Upgrade (Click How to Sign Up Club Asteria for more detail)

Step 1. Click on this banner / or link below and signup.


Step 2. Upgrade - you can choose Silver or Gold. Based on comparison of membership levels, GOLD offers more potential.

Step 3. Purchase asterios. Current offer of matching bonus for purchases of asterios are as follows:

NEW MATCHING BONUS - Effective August 1, 2010

Maximum 5,000 Matching Points to any one account.

Purchase 250 Asterios and above within your first 14 days of joining = 100% Match

then AFTER 14 days

500+ = 50%

1000+ = 75% = ND1

3000+ = 100% = ND2


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